Marquee Letters AKA Channel Letters for Primos Mexican

Modern Marquee Letters for Primos Mexican. Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company, we get calls of a neon sign and neon signs daily. What restaurant owners really want is a custom led sign, In the world of the electrical sign, led custom signs are the modern marquee letters

Modern Marquee Letters for Primos Mexican Food & Cantina
Marquee Letters - channel letter terms

What is a Channel letter?

Channel letters are custom LED Signs made from Aluminum and Acrylic. They are used in a wide range of applications, but the most common is in Strip Mall Signs. Channel Letters are nearly always illuminated Signs. These are Face-lit channel letters where the LEDs are in the back and the light is channeled through the front and a translucent acrylic face. Channel Letters are a form of 3D letters. They come in 7”, 5” and 3” depths.

Translucent Vinyl

In most cases channel letters have color. This is where a translucent vinyl is applied over the acrylic face of the channel letter. There are different quality levels of vinyl, we use the better cast vinyl. First Surface Mounting is on the outside of the channel letter face and is the most common. There are some uses of clear acrylic and 2nd surface vinyl application. It is unusual but provides a gloss unique look. Applying the translucent film is straight forward and uses an adhesive back.

What are LEDs

LEDs are “Light Emitting Diodes”. They are specific for signage and have a white color.  Normal household lighting has a warmer, more yellow color.  LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductors. They normally require a 12VDC source. Being Diodes, they work one way, but not the opposite way. In other words, the positive must be connected to a specific side. Each LED is in a string. Each LED consumes about a watt, depending on the power source a set number of LEDs will light. So, we may need multiple power supplies.

In House Channel Letter Manufacturing

Primos Mexican Food & Cantina’s sales are rocketing up in San Diego. They are the hottest small chain restaurant in San Diego.

Primos is a fast casual restaurant chain specializing in fresh Authentic Mexican food. If you have not been there, you need to try them. They serve High quality fresh food and world-class customer service.

They are creating the right combination of service, food, and atmosphere. Primso’s priority is you, their customer. Starting in 1999, Primos Mexican Food & Cantina is opening their 20th location and moving on to more.

Signs for San Diego makes Marquee Letters called Channel Letters

Signs for San Diego makes marquee letters called channel letters for restaurant throughout the San Diego, Orange County area. We take in raw materials like Aluminum, Acrylic, Plastic and LEDs and transform these into custom LED signs.

We are Underwriters Laboratory certified and make signs in our shop in San Marcos. We are also California licensed sign contractors. We love to make channel letters for local companies.

Primo’s is especially happy for us, an expanding local company with outstanding service and quality. Need help with your sign project. Give us a call and let’s talk about it 760-730-5118

Building Inspiring Channel Letter Signs

Quality signs will help raise brand awareness, bring in more business, increase sales, and boost profits.

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