Great design is always a pleasing to see

Great design is always a pleasing to see.  This is just for fun, but it is interesting. Many company logos are clever. Getting attention and keeping it is not easy. Something there is an opportunity to create a sign with a hidden meaning. When this happens, it can lead to people looking and talking about your sign – That is a great thing.

  1. Starbucks – The logo started out a little “Naughty” The original Starbucks logo has a resemblance to a much older crowned mermaid with a double fishtail. The bare-chested mermaid appears provocative. Over the years the details have been obscured. The Starbucks logo was “R-Rated”. This is the Starbucks in Oceanside, Another great addition for Oceanside CA Signs
Push Through Signs Monument Sign Face Starbucks
  1. Fed Ex. The FedEx logo have an arrow in it. It is an optical illusion. Look between letters E and X to see it.
Lobby Sign for Fed Ex
  1. Jack in the Box – the Jesus fish? The “OX” in “BOX” is a fish!
Monument sign for Jack with a fish

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