Handicapped Signage Braille

Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company, makes handicapped signage. Building Apartments and Condos requires handicapped signage. Specifically, ada signs, directional signage, handicap parking signage, wayfinding signage and more. Braille is a series of raised readable by touch. It is an alphabet, and has a series of shortcut for common words. Louis Braille invented the system and it carries his name. It was based off a military “night reader” code.

ADA Braille Signage reading Braille


Braille has groupings of dots knows as cells. Generally one cell is one letter. Each cell has space for six raised dots in two parallel rows, 3 dots per row. So for each 3 dot row there can be 0, or 3 (in the 123 position), dot can be in the number 1, or 2 or 3 position or 2 dots in the 12, 23, or 13 position – that is 8 ways. There are 2 rows so 8 X 8 is 64. There are 64 possible combinations. Each cell is a letter, number, punctuation mark, or certain common word.

There are three grades.

Grade 1 is where the word in spelled out. This is mainly seen in labeling. Kitchen and personal items use Grade 1 Braille.

Braille level 1

Grade 2 braille is used in text – it is shortened. It is also known as “literary Braille” So here is a text example in Grade 1

Grade 3 Braille is used as a personal writing system and has about 300 short cuts Here is an example you like him But the same thing written in Grade 2 is shortened because common worlds are shortened.

Braille level 1

The letters y and l are used for letters AND shorthand for the common words you and like. Want to understand how and where to use Braille for signs in buildings? Download this White Paper and you will have the “Cliff Notes” of “ADA” signage