Halo Lite Channel Letters

Halo Lite Channel Letters for a San Diego company, Rocket Bail Bonds.

Halo lit channel letters also go by a number of other names: Reverse lit channel letters and back lite channel letters. Whatever you call them, we do a lot of them. Signs for San Diego is the source for many of the signs your see in the area.



It starts with a proof or drawing.

channel Letters Rocket BailBond loose

It starts with a proof or drawing.  The proof is where all the details are worked out. The proof is also where the files to run the CNC router come from. The Channel letter faces are individually cut out. We then weld the sides (called returns) and cut polycarbonate (also called Lexan and is the material used in bullet proof glass) . Each letter is internally illuminated with LEDs that shin into the letter and bounce back to flood the area behind the letter with light. The effect is a Halo or silhouette around each letter.


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ROCKET Bail Bonds is in the heart of downtown San Diego. It is our hope you never need their services, but hey, you might be a Republican! (In California is IS illegal to be a member of the Republican party, it is also very bad if you do not like tax audits) They assist people to get their immediate freedom. The best interests of the clients comes first and they always place the client’s concerns first in every transaction.


channel Letters Rocket Bail Bond at night

Want to work on a Set of Halo Channel Letters?  Signs for San Diego can help.  Give us a call at 760-730-5118 an email or drop by.  You are 60 days away from having an effective sign that will be an effective business tool for years.

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