Yun Tea Halo lit Channel Letters

Yun is deeply rooted in Chinese culture, with their name “Yun,” meaning “cloud,” paying homage to the tea-rich province of Yunnan. They take pride in their innovative approach, especially with their house-made cheese foam, symbolizing their commitment to uniqueness. Tea is at the heart of their brand, treated as an art form, with extensive exploration of tea-flower and tea-fruit combinations and brewing methods. Countless hours of research and experimentation reflect their dedication to crafting distinctive, high-quality beverages that they hope customers will savor and enjoy. 

Design to Production

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Yun Tea house Halo lit Channel Letters

On the back side of the sign, we’ve made it clear to let the light shine through in a way that adds that extra touch of magic. We placed the LEDs strategically along the center lines of the words. This ensures that the light is distributed evenly, making your sign not only attractive but also brilliantly lit, no matter where you look at it from.

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