Fashion Valley Mal. Digital Displays

Fashion Valley Mall has a series of Digital Displays, this electronic signage is in a series of kiosks on the lower and upper levels. Another great addition to our collection of  San Diego, CA Signs. This was sold through Gable Signs, and they contracted with Signs for San Diego to do the installation work to realize this led signage install

Electronic signage : KIOSK Fashion Valley Mall Digital Displays

The Role of LEDs

As the world evolves Signage changes, there are periods of time when the signs of the past change to a new type of signage.  The advent of Neon took 20 years to gain traction, but once it did in the 1920s, it was a 70-year run for Neon Signs. The history of fluorescent light in signage was a little later, with the start in the late 1930s and continues today but is rapidly collapsing against the advent of LEDs. Nearly 100% of the signs made today are custom LED signs. What is the next “wave” in the sign world? Digital Signs may be that next? The ability to Taylor the message to the time, customer, weather, and events. It has a lot of flexibility.  If one understands the customer’s interests, electronic signage can be tuned into that interest.  

The footing for a Digital Monument

This project involves Wayfinding kiosks on the upper and lower levels. Signs for San Diego turned this project out quickly. We had two types of footings: one on ground level and the other on the upper floor. The ground level footing was straightforward – concrete poured into a set form and placed in an excavated site. The power and communication lines were accounted for as well. The upper floor footings were mounted into existing concrete using epoxy anchors. The anchors were drilled into the deck and specific depths to gain the structural support, but we had to be careful not to hit any embedded rebar, plumbing, or communication cables and not weaken the structure.

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