Business Park Monument Sign

Business Park Monument Sign

5 Reasons You MUST have Your Name on that Business Park Monument Sign —

In industrial or business parks, you might have an opportunity to place you name on the monument sign, if you can get your business sign on the custom-built monument sign, you have the opportunity to brand that monument sign. We are the sign shop that can help you get on that multi-tenant Monument, here are five reasons why you want to-do this:

Another Example

  1. One Time Fee

An eye-catching custom-built monument sign promotes and advertises your brand 24 hours a day without any additional and on-going cost to you. Once you pay for the initial cost of a Monument sign, you will not need to continue to pay for advertisement on Google Ads, trade magazines, radio or TV anymore.

  1. Be a landmark

Monuments tend to be Wayfinding signs that will assist your customers and visitors reach their desired destination easily and quickly. You will never lose a customer that was not able to easily find your location. The Monument is what they tune into, not the street signs.

Business Park Monument Sign custom sign, a Carlsbad Monument
Business Park Monument Sign Monument Sign at The Campus
  1. Increases your prestige

Most companies will have a wall sign above their front door. The better, larger and more stable companies are on the custom-built monument sign. Attract potential customers and drive by automobiles attention to your brand name with lasting professional chic impression.  Over time potential customers will recognize your brand name and they will soon become your customer because they remembered your professional sign.

  1. Promote Quality

A professional elegant monument sign will visually demonstrate to your potential customers that you are committed to quality and you are here to stay for a long time. Monuments tend to outlast tenants by 3 or 4 times. It is a mark of the quality of the company.

Discovery Isle Preschool and Calvary Church Oceanside are great examples .

Business Park Monument Sign OCEANSIDE MONUMENT for Calvary church


  1. Neighborhood Landmark

Allow your elegant monument sign to become a fixture in your community that will be used by customers to provide directions to other local businesses.

Interested in learning more about custom signs like a monument? Signs for San Diego Designs, Builds and Installs Monuments routinely.  This type of sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make Blade SignsADA signsMarquee LettersDigital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D lettersVinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign? See what Signs for San Diego can do for your business, call us today at (760) 730-5118