Carved, Sandblasted and Routed Signs

Carved, Sandblasted and Routed Signs. Carving and Sandblasting signs is a classic manufacturing technique. It is also expensive and has an old-world look. Here is the process for us to build traditional sand blasted signs:

– Purchase Redwood, the older techniques as a special cut, with the end grain up. These old growth wood boards are expensive

– Joining the wood together to get the width and height required (Glued, but requires a special “vice” and glue) 

– paint the entire sign the letter/border color

– Apply a “bounce pad”  this is like vinyl, but thicker and the sand will “bounce” off of it, and cut into the places with no pad

– Sandblast the sign. The depth depends on the time and pressure, but the more time and pressure, the more the bounce pad tends to fail. ¼” cutting depth or 3/8 is a lot. This is also a very dirty slow process

– Paint the entire sign with the bounce pad still applied in the background color (brown)

– remove the bounce pad and repaint the edges by hand

Sandblast Sign Process
Sand Blast cutting depth
Wood Blade Sign Kalimas part 4

This is very labor intensive; the materials are expensive and most sign applications are not valuable enough to justify this.

What is you do not want an “old world” look and you are in a shopping plaza that requires them?Signs for San Diego makes Sandblasted signs, but we also make faces for the same locations that are more modern and more cost effective.  Here are 2 great examples.

Kaleis  is a kitchen and appeals to the work breakfast and lunch crowd. They had the sign space, and an old sign, but wanted to attract the correct demographic. Signs for San Diego takes modern materials, CNC routed out the logos and letters and mounted a face over the old, sandblasted sign.  The result is a modern version and a more effective sales tool for this customer

Kaleis Kitchen

Wood Blade Sign Kalimas letters
Wood Blade Sign Sixes and Sevens

In another example  Sixes and Sevens is a skate shop. They had the sign space, but no sign, no old sign, nothing. They needed something that appeals to their customer base. Signs for San Diego takes modern materials, CNC routed out the logos and letters. We also created a new base that was affordable and fit the need.  The result is a modern version and a more effective sales tool for this customer

Want to go back to a traditional sandblasted sign? Here is Horace Anderson gardens. Here too we found a way to create a redwood sign, without the expense of old growth redwood expense.  New redwood has a different cut and a different behavior when sand blasted. We have a proprietary method of using this material and still getting crisp, detailed letters and shapes without the huge expense.

A Wall Sign Sand blast redwood signs are used foran olde world look and feel

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