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Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company. We create and service business signage and company signage.  These come in many forms including custom metal signs, led custom signs

Lightboxes, pylon signs, flex face signs and pole signs. Do you need a sign shop to work on your Pylon Sign?

A Pylon signs are controversial. These are tall signs on poles. Often these are the first signs put up in in underdeveloped areas, and areas visible from highways. Pylon signs are common for gas stations, malls, and shopping centers. As the area develops and grows, these signs are often limited or eliminated. Cities often consider this type of sign a visual form of pollution. Cities are using the zoning laws to change character of the neighborhood. In most Coastal cities these are not permit-able as a new sign. However, they are effective and if you are lucky enough to have an existing (likely older) pylon sign, you have an advertising machine.

business signage a small pylon sign for Blueline Rentals

The difference between a Monument and a Pylon Sign

The difference between a Monument and a Pylon Sign? The lines are blurred. The construction details are similar. If a sign is on an uncovered poll and over 5 feet ? it is a pylon. If the base is larger (a box) it is a monument.

Business Signage Pylon BlackRock PoleInstall Finished2 rotated e1583966633249

You may also have an antique. These signs can be restored. Pylon signs are made up of four key components, the cabinet, the lighting techniques, cabinet faces and Pole. In most cases a set of new faces, cleaned and repainted cabinet and a switch from florescent to LED.

Business Signage Pylon sign for Mossey

Is it better to restore or replace? In many cases this is a question of cost. In many cases, if you replace the faces, strip the cabinet, repaint, and convert to LED, it cost more than making a new cabinet with faces, LEDs. The balance changes when you have an older sign that has an old permit but cannot be re permitted because the ordinances changed. In these cases, keeping the old sign is very desirable because starting over is not allowed. Need to save the old sign? This is a restoration of an older cabinet and it turned out great. Do you have a Pylon Sign? Many are out there and each has potential to be a better business tool.

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