Business Park Monuments

Business Park Monuments: Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company builds Monument Signs in San Marcos. We manufacture business signs or custom led signs sometimes called custom metal signs. We start with raw aluminum square and rectangular tubes, angle, and sheets of Aluminum in a range of thicknesses. We cut and piece together a frame. Then weld it into a single structure. The shell or skin is fitting, and the monument is born. We have a state-of-the-art Matthew’s Paint System we use to paint the monument. Some monuments are stucco coated.

3d letters -Business Park Monument Sign

Faces for the monuments are also 100% in-house with Acrylic, vinyl, and other materials. Many of these are 3d letters and are CNC routed into the Names and Addresses needed. We make a lot of these monuments

They are in Business parks in LA to the Mexican Border.

Business Park Monument Signs

Business Parks Monument Signs (Industrial Park Monument Signs)

The term “Monument Sign” is not defined in the dictionary. It is a sign industry term. Monument Sign for Business Parks (AKA Industrial Park Monuments) are structures marking the location of a building or several buildings. They are always on the ground. They can have tenant faces on them, but more commonly have the Business Park names of them.  They are not commonly electrical signs because the business in industrial parks is done in the daytime and the customers are other businesses.

Monument Sign for Business Park

Pole vs anchor. This is another detail that can not be detected unless you know exactly what to look for. 100% of the larger monuments are anchored with one or two poles. Smaller monuments used for parking lot wayfinding and campus maps are often bolted down with J bolts or wedge anchors. There are several advantages to a pole – in is stronger, more direct, has less flex and is more common. The advantages to a threaded bolt or rad are that is removable, you can level it on sight, and it is safer…..kind of. Monuments with J bolts and wedge anchors tend to break away is auto accidents.

Irwindale CA Signs Signage Solution: custom metal signs suck as monument sign for Ramona Exchange Business Park

Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company builds Monument Signs. That is, we know monument signs inside out – literally.  We build custom LED Signs, Monument Sign every day.  When it comes time for you to purchase a monument sign, give us a call

This type of sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make Blade Signs, ADA signs, Marquee Letters, Digital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D letters, Vinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign?

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