Blade Signs Increase Traffic

The Blade Sign is a Custom Sign mostly for pedestrian traffic. As a Commercial Sign Company, we make a lot of blade signs: retail blade sign, illuminated blade signs, interior blade signs. outdoor blade signs, hanging blade sign, led blade sign, projecting blade sign and more

blade sign with down lighting

Blade Signs are popular because they increase the number of people visiting the business. They are particularly effective when channel letters and main signs are not visible from the sidewalk. Inside malls, in crowded walking areas, under a ceiling or roof are all prime spots.


Blade Sign

Blade Signs are a business tool. The purpose is to draw attention to your store and be a wayfinder. Blade signs are normally in the breezeway where there is foot traffic. In many cases, the car is parked near your channel letter sign or the mall door, but the blade sign pulls them into the businesses in that last 100 yards. There are a million ways to do a blade sign, here are a few

Blade Sign - old style
The Blade Sign for Kidz Cove marks the 4th-5th grade classroom

It is striking and stands out. That is the intent. By creating a great sign, you set the mood for the entire interaction. This blade sign is more wayfinder than advertising. It is electric and sets the mood at a 1950 diner, but it really marks the location of the restaurant.

Blade sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make ADA signs, Marquee Letters, Digital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D letters, Vinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign?

Need a blade sign? Signs for San Diego makes Blade Signs. Signs for San Diego is the best sign company for building signs. Do you have a unique project or a vision for signage like this? We would love to work with you at Signs for San Diego. Give us a call at 760-730-5118


Blade Sign Frames
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