Barry Estates Custom Lobby Sign

When you are the number one Producing Realtor in all of San Diego County where do you go for a lobby sign?    Signs for San Diego

This Unique Lobby Sign is in Del Mar.  It starts with the Barry Estates style.  The showroom is where future home buyers meet their agents. It is a reception sign and more.  The office has large windows. This sign can be seen from the street.  So, there are several functions going on. It is advertising to passersby on the street, it is setting the tone inside and it is a display of the company branding.


Lobby Sign Barry Estates unlit

The sign itself is illuminated with Halo Letters. Halo letters shine light out the back for a silhouette around the letters. It is used for high end establishments. You can see these letters used for business signs in legal offices, doctors’ offices and accountant offices.

The actual letters are made by hand from sheet stock. Each one is cut out and welded together by a skilled craftsman. This forms a shell. Inside the shell a series of high-tech LEDs are placed, these actually shine forward into the shell and are reflected from the internal face out the back to form the silhouette.

We control the backlit area with standoffs. The taller the standoff the wider the silhouette. The background behind the letters is critical. Barry Estates wanted this to match the wall, and the pan contains the electrical wiring and power supply. Shiplap is used that is exactly want is on the wall. Using Halo Illuminated Letters custom painted and mounting so each float above providing a touch of elegance and excellence.

Lobby Sign Barry Estates 3
This sign is made really well and will last forever. It’s very fancy and will fit in great with nice properties by our company. If you want a sign for your lobby that will help advertise your business, give us a call at 760-730-5118.

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