Address Numbers For Buildings

Address numbers or building numbers provide an opportunity to make your building uniquely identifiable. At Signs for San Diego, we builds business signs, like Monuments, channel letters, and custom LED Signs. These all are permitted and controlled by the planning and building department of the city the building is in.

Address numbers are different. They are required by the fire department.  They are not following the same rules as other signs. Address Numbers can be made of several materials, they have a minimum size but no maximum. They need to be visual but carry no color requirements. This can be a boarding and lifeless effort or something more.

Signage for Business: Custom Metal Signs a Monument sign for Fullerton business park

Building Numbers A Differentiator

At first you may find address numbers rather boring. They are 99.9% of the time. There are laws about having address number, having them is a certain readable font and size and trimming back trees to make sure they can be seen. This is for the 1% of the time when address numbers are NOT boring. By taking these and using bold colors, larger sizes, and different focus, one takes a requirement and make it into a unique identifier that lets your building stand out. Yes, the fire department can identify the building, but so can prospective leasers, customers, vendors, and clients. It becomes an identifier.

Backlit Address Numbers

Address numbers are related to the 911 system. When you call the fire or police, and they are coming. Normally these are routed Acrylic, but they don’t have to be. Fabricated metal numbers, halo letters or numbers, push throughs are all possible, in this case a reverse lit, or halo number set lends a sophisticated look and feel.  

Illuminated Sign Channel letter set Address Numbers
blue fabracated numbers for an address

The average address numbers on a building are as old as the building. Many are falling apart. Look up – are your building address numbers falling apart? Most General Contractors primary goal is to bring the project in at the lowest possible cost. They used the cheapest numbers they could. (Contractors have boat payments after all). They put them up fast and everything was good for the inspector. The certificate of occupancy was issued and that was the last time you or anybody thought about it. We replace a lot of foam numbers on buildings. Here are 42” metal fabricated numbers. Unlike foam material, these will outlast the building and be unique and differenciators.

We use Acrylic or PVC in most cases. These are plastics and birds don’t pick at them. We commonly make them a little bigger than the originals so when the original numbers come down the slightly larger numbers cover the old edges, and no repainting is required. Customers, and vendors appreciate clear address numbers too. It helps your business. Customers that have problems finding your business give up, costing you money. Clearly mounting your address numbers and business increases.

Arroyo Address numbers
Channels Address numbers Fabricated Letters

Need replacement address numbers? Need a special size? We will make any size including 1⁄4” oversized to cover the exposed edge from the old ones. Just order and pick them up or ask us to install for you. Signs for San Diego makes a lot of these, and we also install them. It improves the look of the building; it makes it safer and more rentable. Do you need address numbers? Give us a call 760-730-5118 or

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