3D Lettering

Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company builds 3d lettering for marquee letters and other signs for buildings. Below you can see what it takes to make a building sign. These are large wall lettering with sign letters being shaped and painted for wall lettering making up a marquee letters large.

Your customers have a lot of choices. It is a competitive market and people judge businesses from the outside appearance. Obviously having a bad, worn-out sign does the opposite of what you want – it repels. Getting a new sign brings people through the door. It increases sales and sets the tone of the business.

3d lettering - dimensional letters being painted

What is a Dimensional Sign?

We start with letters and a logo. We take a sheet of material and a very expensive CNC Router and cut the letters out. Because we control the manufacturing, we can use fonts and enhance your sign to make it stand out.


Used the CNC router to make the 3d letters for the marquee letters

The range of materials is very wide, but 3 types are very popular: Brushed Aluminum, Acrylic and PVC. Why are these 3 the “go to” materials? They look great, are durable and they are available. We have stock of these materials. Come by and look!

3d letters - Cutting out dimensional letters called FCOs

Fonts – Fonts are the shapes of the letters. 3D sign letters are normally bold and easy to read. But within these are more than 20 common letter types. Picking something that fits your company’s character works to your benefit. Confusing> we can show you several fonts that are interesting and easy to read.

Dimensional Letters


Depth – many materials come in a range of thicknesses. Common thicknesses range from 1/8” to 1”. There are some “tricks” too. Often, we will laminate a clear or white to another color. This is striking and a cool look. We can show you several ways to give your sign that “cool” factor. In a competitive world a little edge helps. Signage, once paid for, works for free to make your business “pop”. Need a new sign? We can help. The result is more people coming through the door, more sales, and a better company. Many say a sign is the silent salesman, costing nothing, working 24X7 and bringing in cash. Want to get a new sign and get started making more? Give us a call and let’s start! 760-730-5118