We make signs for Shopping Malls. We design, permit, manufacture and install. We are the source for these types of signs. Many other companies buy from us and resell. By purchasing direct, you benefit better control, better value, faster and better quality. Channel Letters We design channel letters for multiple locations or a single site. These are made in house with our specialized equipment. We have made 4″ letters or 60″ letters. All LED, all UL certified.

Types of Channel Letters

  1. Standard Front-Lit Channel Letters

This is the more common type of channel letters. They are front-lit through Acrylic Faces.

Front Face lit Channel Letters

Front Face lit Channel Letters

  1. Halo-Lit Letter

Halo-lit letters are also called reverse channel-lit letters. They are aluminum faces and returns with an open back. They back a detachable clear acrylic back with LEDs that face inside the letter and reflect an outline or “Halo” on the wall they are mounted on

halo lit channel letters

halo lit channel letters

  1. Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters

This is a hybrid of the first 2 types. Casting light through the front and the back. Often the front and back are different colored light.

  1. Open Face Lit Channel Letter

This was more common 50 years ago and with neon. Today there are many cities that require clear faces over these for safety.

Open Face Channel Letters

Open Face Channel Letters

Why do you need any signs? “Nearly two-thirds (64%) of women 18-24 years old reported drive-by failures.” That is, they cannot find the business! This results in less sales, less cash flow and less profit.

Brings in new customers! “29% of American consumers report having been drawn into unfamiliar stores based on the quality of its signage.” Good quality and attractive signs increase traffic and profits

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Not having good signage cost your business.

We can make the best recommendations to fit both your budget and your needs. Our experts can raise the traffic volumes, increase your brand awareness and positively impact your revenue. Contact Signs for San Diego to learn more