Channel letter signs are the most common and valuable signage for shopping malls. The value of a Shopping mall location is measured in a number of cars passing by. Large traffic volume is worth more than lower traffic. This is a large part of what “you” are paying for. Having a sign package that pulls a part of this traffic in through the front door. It is about sales and money. Having the best sign possible is not a discretionary purchase, it is required to be successful.

Channel Letter Set for Holistic Health
Channel Letter Set for Holistic Health


Shopping malls operate in the daytime and dark. In the evenings, channel letters are illuminated signs and are very striking. This is the point, to attract customers through the front door. The reason to have a channel letter illuminated sign is obvious. It is a business tool


There are a number of ways to buy a Channel Letter sign. Two of the most common are: You can buy direct or through a reseller. If you buy from a reseller, you have the possible advantage of buying everything in one place. The relationship can also be valuable. Buying direct from the manufacturer is likely cheaper, faster and very likely to have a better line of communication.


Signs for San Diego makes Channel Letters. We have the automation, the licenses, the UL marks and the contractor license to “make it happen”. Need Channel Letters?  Give us a call!!


Signs for San Diego


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