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Blog: Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign

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Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign Pacific Marine Credit Union was known as Camp Pendleton Federal Credit Union back in 1952 when they started. They help Marines, Sailors, and Civilian Employees with their banking needs. You got to love that. They are a part of San Diego and our roots. While there have been huge

Blog: Monument signs as Way Finders

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Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases they are advertising tools, but they also have another role. Monument signs help your customers find their way. This controls the flow of traffic and is often an overlooked role of the Monument Sign. In this case, Turbo Car Wash in Encinitas, there is

Blog: Channel Letters for a Business on the move

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What happens when a company moves 1⁄4 mile away? It can mean a huge loss of customers. Evans Tire made such a move. The new place is a better location, closer to El Camino Real, more visible and bigger. But customers remember the old location. They buy tires on a multiyear bases. The old location

Blog: Rita Italian Ice Digital Fine Art Reproduction

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Digital Fine Art Reproduction Need Canvas Art Printing? While you are born in the wrong century to pick up a Monet or Renoir from the artist off a street corner you in the right place for an outstanding reproduction. Canvas art prints the way to go for any commercial or residential space. Signs for San

Blog: Convert your Sign from Fluorescent to LED

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Convert your Sign from Fluorescent to LED LED RETROFIT FOR ENERGY-EFFICIENT SIGNAGE. Having an older sign, such as a monument, or a pylon sign, is a pricey investment. And it may be obsolete if it is setup for fluorescent lighting. But if the rest of the sign looks good, it's a great candidate for a

Blog: Fit Culture Channel Letters

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Fit Culture Channel Letters Fit Culture is a great company with a great mission. Fit Culture is the newest and best integrated fitness and wellness company in San Diego. Out od Neveda they are helping people to become more active and live better lives. It is friendly, fresh, and fun. Fit culture’s approach is simple,

Blog: Everyone Needs A Beautiful Sign..

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Everyone Needs A Beautiful Sign.. Looking to give your company that custom, vibrant, but yet professional look? We've got what you need. Signs for San Diego can create your custom logo into an amazing channel letter set just like we did with Hillcrest Eye Care. Channel Letter Hillcreast Eye Center Using their custom

Blog: Does your sign have an ugly face, or the wrong face? Sign Maintenance

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Does your sign have an ugly face or the wrong face? Every day there are new tenants coming into commercial spaces and old ones are leaving. This means that the faces of the sign cabinets, monument and pylon signs have need to be updated for the new businesses. What is a face? It is always the

Blog: Are you luck enough to have a Pylon Sign?

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A Pylon signs are controversial. These are tall signs on poles. Often these are the first signs put up in In underdeveloped areas, and areas visible from highways. Pylon signs are common for gas stations, malls and shopping centers. As the area develops and grows, these signs are often limited or eliminated. Cities often consider

Blog: 5 Design Elements your Sign will need to Stand Out from the Rest

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a great sign? It’s not just a picking a nice font, a couple of images and throw in a color in the background. There are several elements one must take into consideration before even thinking what the final design will look like. During the next couple

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