Blog: ADA Signs with perfect color matched 2nd surface paint

Manufacturing ADA Signs

Signs for San Diego can find a lot of colors in stock materials, but what if you need a PMS perfect color match? There is a way! Signs for San Diego starts with a clear sheet of plastic. There is a special sheet with non- glare surface. But it is clear, and not the color […]

Blog: Certificate of Occupancy and ADA signs

ada restroom sign

Certificate of Occupancy and ADA signs When a builder or remodeler starts a job, there is a lot of time to get everything done. Slowly, step by step the project falls a little behind. At the end, the building is almost done, the contract may have penalty clauses that are close at hand and there […]

Blog: Are you buying your ADA signs from a distributor or a manufacturer?

the machine that cuts the letters out

Are you buying your ADA signs from a distributor or a manufacturer? When it comes to buying ADA signs, do you feel you are in the dark? It is difficult to look at a company selling ADA signs and know what you are getting. That is because most companies selling ADA signs aren’t making them […]

Blog: Did you use the wrong Braille on your sign??

Tool inserting little balls to make Braille

Did you use the wrong Braille on your sign?? What? Isn’t Braille just Braille – No?? Recently I learned this is not the case. There is a sign shop in San Diego that makes excellent signs. About 3 years ago the owner bought a special machine to make ADA signs. ADA is a law called “Americans […]

Blog: Do you know what Braille is?

reading Braille

Braille is a series of raised readable by touch. It is an alphabet, and has a series of shortcut for common words. Louis Braille invented the system and it carries his name. It was based off a military “night reader” code. Braille has groupings of dots knows as cells. Generally one cell is one letter. […]

Blog: ADA Signs Materials

ADA made out of an Acrylic (plastic) material

ADA Signs are commonly made of plastics, but that is not the only choice. Do you know what is available? There are many materials, but you should know this 3 substrate materials and a little about the colors and materials used for rasters (the bumps used in Braille). Plastics: Companies like Gravograph, Gemini and RowMark […]

Blog: Effective Apartment Monument Signs

Monument for Islands Apartments

Being in the Multifamily apartment rental business is competitive. There are only a few actions you can take to raise rents and cut vacancies. Most involve beautification – that is, painting and remodeling. The types of people also impact rental and vacancy rates. What monument signs attract the right kind of people? What monument signs […]

Blog: Blu Laguna Niguel Podium Apartment Homes

Illuminated Sign Channel letters for Multifamily housing

Client: Blu Laguna Niguel Location: Laguna Niguel, CA Industry: Multifamily Signage Solution: All Signs: 39 types from Channel letters and Monuments to ADA Interior and Wayfinding. Over 700 signs total. “Experience a new world of remarkable natural beauty, sumptuous luxury, and complete accommodation. Welcome to Blu Laguna Niguel — 232 brand new 1- and 2- […]

Blog: Need ADA signs for a retail build out?

ADA Restroom door sign

Need ADA signs for a retail build out? High Quality Tenant Finish Outs are fast and complex. Selecting the perfect spot for the business is only the first step. The next part, the tenant finish must match the vision. The layout, the fixtures, the colors and the finish need to support the success of the […]

Blog: Prepare to Repair and Look Good as New!

PVC panel used as the face for a monument

Prepare to Repair and Look Good as New! Over the years, older communities have signs that, if not already, begin to rot away. Styles and colors changes as the trends change every passing year and people just want something that looks better. In this case, Oceana, a small series of communities saw their neighbor’s Homeowner’s […]