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Digital Signage – CirrusLED

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Digital Signage or Electronic Signage Digital Signage  has a range of labels and names: digital displays, digital signage display, digital signage solutions, electronic message centers, electronic display boards or digital marquee signs. Signs for San Diego installs, services, and builds housings for these. We have worked with a number of manufacturers including CirrusLED.  We have

Retrofit Neon to LED Marquee Letters or Channel Letters

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Retrofit Neon to LED for Marquee Letters Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company that works on Marquee Letters and channel Letters. New illuminated signs and custom signs are all LED lit. We convert fluorescent to LED and retrofit Neon to LED making your electric signs more reliable, efficient, and cutting your maintenance

Custom Banners a Professional Installation Service

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Installation Service for Huge Custom Banners Professional Installation Service for Huge Custom Banners. Signs for San Diego provides a professional installation service for custom banners. These custom banners are outdoor banners. Use to promote events. Need a banner installation for a giant banner? Give us a call and we can help. It starts with a survey,

Sign Repair : getting your signs to light

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Sign Repair Light Sign Repair - Custom LED Sign not working? We are commercial sign repair experts. Sign repair, servicing custom LED signs with led sign repair & routine sign maintenance. Have problems with your Monument signs, Pylon, or pole signs.  Signs for San Diego can help with your sign repair.

Gracie Barra Marquee Letters a Channel Letter Set

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Gracie Barra Marquee Letters Looking for neon signs? Today we use led signs for marquee letters. We call these channel letters and they are standard in shopping centersGracie Barra is a martial arts school from Brazil, specifically a Jiu-Jitsu school.  The name is interesting.  Founded in Brazil by Carlos Gracie, he taught in many places.

Get your Marquee letters on your retail building

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Marquee Letters On Your Retail Building If you just signed a lease for retail space, there are a hundred things going through your mind. Tenant finish at the top of these and signs for buildings should be at the top of the tenant finish list. Most business owners need to delegate getting “neon signs” to

Church Signs for Coast City Church

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Church Signs for Coast City Church Need Church Signs? Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company, but that does not mean we don’t make Church Signs: Custom Signs, Window Signs, Monuments, Electric Signs and all types of church signs.  When Family Fellowship Church rebranded to Coast City Church Signs for San Diego made

ADA Signs color match for Handicapped signage

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ADA signs Handicapped Signage Handicapped signage required to comply with the ada requirements does not need to be blue and white. With custom sign colors your ada signs and parking signage can be attractive and interestingADA Signs typically use stock colors. These are made in volume and are limited. With few colors available, a unique

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