Sign Install Manager

Sign Service Manager and/or sign Install Manager

Sign Install Manager is needed to manager the service & install activity. Must be a leader, control all aspects

JOB DESCRIPTION – Sign Install Manager

JOB PURPOSE AND REPORTING STRUCTURE: Under the direction of the Owner, the Sign Installation Manager is responsible for supervising service and installs. You may also be interested in a different position Production Technician Sign Maker.

This means responsibility over all aspects of each “project’ through completion and the responsibility to schedule these “projects” overall. Doing this reasonably, safely, and profitably. You use the production floor output, the design/permitting and sales output combined with the customer’s needs to orchestrate the things, people and processes required to get the sign “up”. There are wide ranging aspects, many are listed and explained below, but preforming in a safe and efficient way is key. This takes a certain type of person with construction skills, good management skills, a sense of humor, and a positive and inclusive attitude to work with others.


  1. Installs from National Companies or in-house production. You need to open the signs received and inspect that the hardware needed it available, the electric works and is ready to be installed. Make sure paper patterns exist and are ready. That everything required is there.
  2. Service, to have power supplies, LEDS and other required materials on the truck
  3. Explain the install requirements to the installers. Call the customer and arrange the install timing.
  4. All installs depend on local conditions, when there is a question, you must find the survey or visit and do a survey to ensure surprises are at a minimum
  5. Final Inspections. Government inspections are required. This involves sitting in car and waiting for inspectors to show up. To walk the site, often have it set up and ready for inspection. This can be delegated, but generally isn’t because inspectors have a wide range of questions requiring an experience person. Also, ideally final inspections can be completed during the install.

Skills and abilities that you need to have and/or control. It is important to have a range of general construction skills including:

  1. Electrical – be able to wire signs
  2. Mounting – understand types of walls and how to mount to them
  3. Excavation – run an excavator or auger to dig the footer
  4. Forms, setting poles and Rebar – prepare for a pour
  5. Concrete – supervise concrete
  6. Vinyl layup
  7. Many others

Maintain the equipment. This involves making sure oil levels are checked, maintenance is complete, the right tools are on the trucks, the locks are there and work, the equipment is cleaned and prepped.

Certifications. The Sign Service and Installation Manager is responsible for identifying the required licenses and certifications. Developing employee training and getting the company/employees appropriate qualifications. In many cases these are individual qualifications requiring company money to be invested in people. It is the responsibility of the Sign Service and Installation Manager to pick who, what and under what terms these are done with retention, cost, company needs in mind.

  1. Crane Certification (Individual)
  2. Fall Protection
  3. First Aid Certs
  4. Specific lift and equipment certs
  5. AWS Welding Certificates

Run ShopVox – An email program that tracks everything. Every quote, every job and many other activities are in ShopVox. You need to be a ShopVox expert and use it “religiously”. It is the central unifying tool in the company


Other duties

– Safety, Tail Gate talks, be a “Nazi” about using protective gear, training

– Ensure speed, and quality (teach technique)


Say “no” when things are not right and push aggressively when things are right. This is about understanding safety, quality, reasonableness and making good judgments. It can be a challenge because it can be inconvenient. Safety harnesses, hard hats, tail gate talks are absolutely required. Other “issues” come up as well. If it is not safe, no reasonable, the Sign Service and Installation Manager is responsible for stopping the activity until it can be reviewed and adjusted.

Culturally “fit” into the company, but also push the company. There is a line between being a “nice guy” and pushing people. The Sign Service and Installation Manager needs to push for fast, clean service and installs, within a good schedule, with good equipment, preparation, and quality. This can be uncomfortable. The Sign Service and Installation Manager must be approachable but insist on performance. The installers should be challenged and feel slightly “pushed”, but not stressed to the point where they make mistakes, feel used or have or issues. Like a coach, the Sign Service and Installation Manager needs to extract the performance of a winning team.