North County San Diego Sign Maintenance, Service & Repair

Got sign problems? Have a punched out face? Streaks of rust? Lights not working or partly working? Faded, scratched, broken? She was texting and ran over your sign? Or 5 beers equal one flattened monument sign. Now What?

Sign Repair

Over the years we have seen it all:  Want to see more?  Fill out this form and get a repair guide!!

Age and environment We have built signs and serviced those same sign watching different materials crack, fad become brittle, yellow, peal or turn black.

We have seemed different fabrication methods break, crack, warp, and fail. We have serviced signs built by just about every other sign company in business and out of business.

Some of the signs we replaced are in museums – literally. We have seen the best, and the worst.

Abuse and accidents: We have seen every sort of damage imaginable from riot damage, fire damage, homeless living inside the sign, vandalism, graffiti, stolen letters, amateur repairs, mayhem and destruction of all sorts.

We have seen a few cases where all or part of the sign just disappeared! Gone, departed. Some are so weak, rusted, broken that they literally fell down.

Monument and Pylon sign
Neon Sign Repair with skilled sign technician, signage for business company, signage build
Monument Sign, Shopping Mall Sign,

There are a few possibilities:

  1. Ignore it, if you pretend it is not a problem, it isn’t – right? This works for a little while, maybe 2 years with COVID, but maybe there comes a time when you can’t stop yourself from looking at it anymore. You have to do something.

  2. Sign Died” Your sign is dead and you need a new one. All things are repairable, but there comes a time that repair is just not reasonable. Two paths

    1. There are signs that were permitted or are grandfathered in, justifying an exact copy, we can repair everything, literally everything.

    2. Get a new sign. A new permit, new design, new fabrication, new install.

  3. Fix it, do what you can and then call in the professional. This is mostly about fixing your sign  

Signs for San Diego can help you with number 2 and 3. Number 1 is between you and the spirts. It is very likely we can help you get your sign back up to its former glory and maybe, just maybe, a little better. Here is what to do