Recent Project

University of California, Riverside’s College of Humanities has a new art attraction created by a talented San Diego artist: Roy McMakin. The central theme of ‘Change Things’ or ‘Things Change’ beautifully represented in a custom sign work formed from steel signs which are placed on poles and intelligently positioned in different areas. The space between the arts building and the INTN become an outdoor sign and a thoughtful and interactive area for students and teachers alike.

The newest art addition is an interactive sculpture created by San Diego-based artist Roy McMakin. The message of “Things Change” or “Change Things” will be featured on steel signs mounted on steel poles and will be scattered around a seating area. This project will make the space between the INTN and arts building an interactive and thoughtful space for students and visitors alike.

Housed at the University of California, Riverside, this feature is over five thousand square feet and is called ‘Arts Mall: Roy McMakin Art Sign Installation’. Positioned at the campus’ entry point, this sculpture encourages viewers to introspect and evaluate their own lives and their environment.

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