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Channel Letters are used in every strip mall. They are required in most leases. If you have a retail business and sell after dark, you need illuminated signage and channel letters are the way to go.

What are channel letters? There are a number of variants, but they all “channel” light to and through the face or to and through the back or both. Modern channel letters are LED lite. Channel Letters are not always “letters”, If you have a logo, the same construction for your logo is called a logo box. There are hybrids as well, Channel Letters are used with sign cabinets and push through faces. There are a lot of possibilities with channel letters.

Every retailer needs illuminated signage to draw customers in. Signage is a business tool. It is also you silent salesman, working 24 hours a day introducing your company to customers. Channel letters act as “Wayfinding” signs, showing prospects where your front door is. Often they act as landmarks as the exposure happens over and over. People guide others with a reference to your location and your sign. We make channel letters and understand all the variations, the combinations, the colors, and the fonts. We create marketing tools for successful businesses.


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Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters

What We Can Do For You

At Signs for San Diego we design, make, and install. We know what you need and can help you! Come by and visit us, or call – let’s see what we can do for you!Our design and product management team is ready to go over all the options to get you the best sign for your situation. We can help you get the city permits required. We can help you create a brand and a following for years to come. In most cases great signage, while initially expensive, turns out to be a make-or-break decision. Great signage pays for itself quickly and is a one-time expense. Your sign will speak as the voice of your company to all those who see it. Make sure that the first impression is a memorable one!

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Channel Letter Futon lite

Want a free Channel Letter Sign Checklist to help you get the best Channel Letter Sign for your business?


Marquee Letters called Front Lit Channel Letters

Modern Marquee Letters for Primos Mexican Food & Cantina

Front Lit Channel Letters. These are the most common Marquee Letters and common in Shopping Centers. These are all custom LED Signs. We make these in house and can build whatever you need. Don’t know what is possible? We can help

Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters or back lit

Marquee Letters called Halo Channel Letters


Halo Channel Letters. The light comes out the back putting a halo around Marquee letters. These have an upscale look and fell. They have been Common in professional businesses like Law, Medicine, and Accounting, but are great for higher end shops too.

Marquee Letters in a Hybrid custom LED Sign

Installing a Hybrid Cabinet and Channel Letter Illuminated Sign

Hybrid means a combination of different sign typs like a cabinet and a push through acrylic or Channel Letters. In many cases the Hybrid has the best of both techniques. These are also custom LED Signs

Building Inspiring Signs

Ensure that your business is seen day and night with a lighted channel letter sign.