How a Lobby Sign helps Glow Theory

Lobby Sign

Glow Theory is a brand-new dermatology office.  Need some help with skin problems?  This is the place to be. Glow Theory’s studio champions inner beauty and self-confidence alongside outer beauty and medical-grade skin solutions. Glow Theory offers a fresh and elevated perspective in the dermatology and aesthetics space. You can find them at 7750 El […]

What content can you put on a sign?

Clarence Thomas

In the past year and a half, we have been told what we can and can not do.  Here is a case where a church was told by a city what they could put on a sign. The US Supreme Court agreed to hear the decision in the case of Reed v. Town of Gilbert. […]

Stunning Letters for Carlsbad Educational Foundation

Dimensional letters by SIGNS FOR SAN DIEGO - an outdoor sign company

Carlsbad Educational Foundation moved to a location. Now you can see this sign from El Camino Real in Carlsbad. Signs for San Diego make this sign. The Carlsbad Educational Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1983, to raise private support for public education and contribute to the enrichment of nearly 11,000 […]

High Rise Installation Is Way Way Up There

High Rise signage for business with Swing Stage

Companies that need high rise signs tend to be iconic. They overlook highways and are landmarks.  They also tend to be huge and long lasting.     When you need that are way way up there, special skills and tools are required.  Each  is unique. Each requires a complete survey and a site plan. Signs […]

Monument Sign has Cancer?

Installation, Monument Signs

Rust in a Monument Sign is like cancer?  Curing rust problems is a challenge. Why is steel used?  It is stronger and cheaper, but Aluminum is the norm today. This sign is a 20-year-old sign, made from steel and rusting badly. The top two cabinets are toast.  Signs for San Diego remade the upper 2 […]

Monument Sign Possessed By Evil Spirits?

Monument sign install

Odd News: Fire Destroys Monument Sign. Signs for San Diego Builds a new one Things that COULD happen, but just don’t….or do they? Here is a monument sign totally destroyed by fire.  This is difficult to explain. The inside of a monument sign is Aluminum, Acrylic, LEDs and a power supply. Aluminum does not burn […]

Ever wonder where monument signs come from?

finished monument awaiting crating and shipping

Ever wonder where monument signs come from?  Signs for San Diego does local and national monuments for other sign companies and direct. Here is a great example. This sign is for a sign company near San Francisco. They sold the sign and we made it. In this case the customer wanted a wood base and […]

ADA Compliant Signage for Apartment Building

unit ID with door bell

In the heart of San Diego there is a non-descript 8 story apartment building in a secret location a short distance from the airport (One could walk there).  During the height of the COVID experience, construction crews were working most every day to finish the build.  Construction was considered “essential” and was slowed down, but […]