ADA Compliant Signage for Apartment Building

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In the heart of San Diego there is a non-descript 8 story apartment building in a secret location a short distance from the airport (One could walk there).  During the height of the COVID experience, construction crews were working most every day to finish the build.  Construction was considered “essential” and was slowed down, but

Blog: Are you buying your ADA signs from a distributor or a manufacturer?

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Are you buying your ADA signs from a distributor or a manufacturer? When it comes to buying ADA signs, do you feel you are in the dark? It is difficult to look at a company selling ADA signs and know what you are getting. That is because most companies selling ADA signs aren't making them

Blog: Did you use the wrong Braille on your sign??

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Did you use the wrong Braille on your sign?? What? Isn’t Braille just Braille – No?? Recently I learned this is not the case. There is a sign shop in San Diego that makes excellent signs. About 3 years ago the owner bought a special machine to make ADA signs. ADA is a law called “Americans

Blog: Blu Laguna Niguel Podium Apartment Homes

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Client: Blu Laguna Niguel Location: Laguna Niguel, CA Industry: Multifamily Signage Solution: All Signs: 39 types from Channel letters and Monuments to ADA Interior and Wayfinding. Over 700 signs total. “Experience a new world of remarkable natural beauty, sumptuous luxury, and complete accommodation. Welcome to Blu Laguna Niguel — 232 brand new 1- and 2-

Blog: What are ADA Signs?

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Make Accessibility Part Of Your Signage Strategy Making your business accessible to a wide audience of people is an important part of running a successful business. ADA signage ensures that your business is accessible to a larger audience of people. These signs follow guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and many states now

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