Blade Signs increase traffic

Blade Signs are a business tool. The purpose is to draw attention to your store and be a way finder. Blade signs are normally is the breezeway where there is foot traffic. In many cases, the car is parked near your challenger letter sign or the mall door, but the blade sign pulls them into […]

Blog: Enigma HQ Escape Room, Little Italy

this is a large electric blade sign

What if you were locked in a room for 60 minutes and had to escape? Along the path out, you’ll need to solve a series of challenges or puzzles. It is like living the game. Located in Little Italy, San Diego, Enigma HQ Little Italy takes the room escape concept to the next level by […]

Blog: Choosing the Correct Letter Height

Choosing the Correct Letter Height for signs When you buy a sign, you want it to be seen. Choosing lettering too small results in your customers not seeing you. To make sure a sign is readable there are studies showing how large letters need to be to be seen.     Letter Height Max View […]