Product: Rebranding the business park

Location: 9540 & 9550 WAPLES STREET • SAN DIEGO, CA 92121

Industry: Commercial Real estate

Signage Solution: Design, Make and Install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels.

SORRENTO COMMERCE PARK is a Two building flex project totaling 35,294 SF. It is designed as R&D/Industrial space and has easy access to I-5 and I-805. It needed a face lift. This involves 3 major elements: A repaint, Landscaping and Signs.  The Signs were composed of Monuments, tenant Panels, Address numbers and a special project for a key tenant.

Business Park Sign Installations Tenant Panel

There are 2 matching monument signs for eack of the 2 driveways. These are Aluminum tube construction with Aluminum skins. The top blade is ½” thick. The letters are distingtive. The address is a combination of number FCOs (Flat Cut Outs) mounted on the blade and the street name (Waples St) on the monument top away from the blade so the shadow cast is on the blade.  The side on the monument has deep acrylic letters. The effect is to have a gorgeous monument on each of the driveways.

The tenant signs are also dimensional. The Unit numbers are on daughter cards and have a different color for each building. These start as blanks and then can be branded with the tenant’s name later. Signs for San Diego created the panels and the original tenants were also provided. The empty units were left blank. A local vinyl shop can brand these as the tenants fill the empty units or the tenants change. 

The last standard element were the address numbers. This customer wanted bold and colorful numbers. This is an interesting situation, because the fire department requires address numbers. These are not subject to the permitting authority. As a result, they can be large and bold.  The building and address numbers need to be matched because when numbers are this large there may not be enough space to mount them horizontally. Some are vertical and the mix is due to the space limitations. The construction is a fabricated Aluminum number with welded sides and mounting bolts for stand offs. These are heavy and solidly built. The paint is “sign grade” and much better than automotive paint for this “job”. The pigment and practical size in larger, the finish is matte and these will sit atop for many many years. 

The special project.  There is one tenant, that is special. The unit faces a major road. Signs for San Diego created a special channel letter set that fit the shape of the building and overlooks the major road. The Wine Seller is a unique business. They are a wine storage facility. They house collector wines for customers. They also are a reseller for wine and they have a restaurant. The whole business is unique and really a lot of fun.  We were happy to have the chance to help with this fabulous business

Signs for San Diego took a concept, redesigned for manufacture, make and installed all the signs. Do you have a project like this?  Give us a call.

Signs for San Diego