Black Rock Coffee expands into San Diego
Client: Black Rock Coffee franchisee
Locations: Oceanside, CA and Vista, CA
Industry: Restaurant
Signage Solution: We designed, built, and installed Black Rock Coffee electrical signs Black Rock Coffee strives for excellence in everything they do. Their crafted drinks are how they show respect for their customers. Each Black Rock Coffee Bar team finds ways to serve their neighborhoods, and by doing so they help raise the bar for relationship and compassion.

Signs for San Diego was honored to take on this project and is proud of our signs for this company.

Nicely lite sign

Nicely lite sign


Having sharp and attractive signage is a business tool that really has no substitute. Black Rock was looking for the most effective solution rather than the cheapest solution. Investing in better, distinctive signs than the competition in the area pays for itself with increased sales.

An illuminated sign is key to attracting customers in high traffic retail areas. Black Rock Coffee’s business depends on the number of cars that pass by. Pulling a high percentage of these travelers into the lot to buy coffee increases profitability.

The signs are all bright LEDs and the channel letter sets are backlit. While the focus was on the night look and feel, these signs look amazing at any time of day.

At Signs for San Diego, we make channel letters in- house. We sell to other sign companies as well. By making these in-house, we control the quality and can make a more attractive sign than the others.

Black Rock Coffee trusted Signs for San Diego to quickly and professionally design, build, and install their signs. It received cost-effective, fast, and high-quality work. Can we help you expand in the same way?