Oasis makes custom heaters. Heaters that go into equipment and special applications. When it comes to heaters, and especially thick film custom heater elements, Oasis is the expert. When is comes to signage, not as much.

So how does one get a great business park sign that fits the situation and is done right? There is a lot to it: What size is best, what materials to use, how much to say and how to get it all done so the boss smiles and you look good at the end. Not an easy task.

You do not have to become a signage expert, but you do need to find an expert to put you in a good place.

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Picking the right sign company is a mater of knowing a few key things, here are two big ones:

Among hundreds of companies, pick only others with a contractor license (a “C- 45”). If they don’t have one, they can not legally put up the sign, you are dealing with a broker who is going to hire a “C-45”. Go directly to the “C-45” and cut out the broker for better communication, control and reduced costs.

Ask about how the sign is made. There are a lot of ways to make signs. If they know how it is made ask if they make it in house. If they do not know how to make it and are not making it themselves, you are dealing with a broker who will go to a manufacturer. Better to go direct and save the money, increase your control over timing and have better communication.

These two steps will get you down to the real experts. It will eliminate 95% of the sales people and get you down to a short list.

To put up a sign like this, you need a series of events to happen. These are:

The type of sign
Designing the sign
Getting Government Permits Manufacturing

Flat Cut Out Router cut

Exterior building signs are routed by computer CNC router

Type of Sign, In business parks you need great looking sign. However there are a number of real limitations on the types of signs available to you.

    1. Unless you are open at night, in a high profile location, and selling to the general public, you do not need an electric sign. Non-electrical is probably for you.
    2. Your lease has a sign criteria in it. This is also known as the sign policy or it is in the Owner’s Association rules. Your property managers can help you find it – you need to read this, it guides and limits your chooses.

3. Size and location. Generally speaking, bigger is better. Your limitations within the rules will tell you what the biggest sign you can have and what location you can have it in.

Once you have this information, you will have a pretty clear understanding of the construction, size and location of the sign.

Designing the sign acceptable to you The marketing and Sales efforts of the company have probably determined the logo and style of the name. It is on the business cards, the letter head, every invoice, every brochure and on your web site. This repetition is intentional and important to reinforce the companies branding. It is or is very close to the sign you need. There are only a couple of determinations to make here:

Advanced paint Systems

Advanced paint Systems

While the web site has a full color pallet, colors are not so flexible on buildings, There is an excellent chance you building is beige. You want a high contrast to the building color. This is normally black or white, but can be your company colors. How do you know? Pick the highest contrast option

What to say? The company name and maybe a little more. The goal of the sign is to mark and provide “Wayfinding”. Bold simple signs are the most effective. There is a tendency to say more, it is a false move. Be simple, be bold and be done. It is nearly always the most effective way.

Government Permits, If you are still reading, and you know what you want from the steps above, it is time to buy the design and permit. Normally this is in the form of a deposit for the sign. Permits can be simple and fast, but often are not. Local governments tend to be difficult, take time and charge fees that are shocking. This is where the “C-45” can help. Only a licensed contractor of a building owner can obtain a permit. It can happen is a week or take months. You want to start this as soon as you can because it is unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Manufacturing, After getting the permit, making the sign starts. Rarely can you mask the production time and the permit time because sign companies will not make a sign until they know they are making the “right” sign. That is the one accepted in the permit. The permit locks this in. If you have fallen in with this guidelines, you are in a production queue and there is material selection, shaping and finishing, routing, printing, laminating, painting, Pattern printing, mounting studs and perhaps other steps. You can easily understand these with a discussion with the manufacturer – they are experts in these steps and can explain each, with a time estimate. Because you selected a company that makes the sign, it will be much more transparent and understandable.

Installation, This is the most exciting part, the day your sign goes up, your boss loves it, you get great reviews and are promoted with a big raise. If you picked a “C-45”, the company you hired is probably doing the install. That is good. There are great installers out there, but dealing direct means the timing is more flexible, the communication should be easier and your ability to get an experienced expert crew is increased. Try getting an install in the morning or on a weekend. Block off the parking area in front of the sign and invite the company to see the sign at the end of the day.

Oasis has a great sign that reflects their great products.

They hired Signs for San Diego, an expert C-45 company with UL certification and in-house manufacturing. They have the legal basis covered and the sign is flawless

Signs for San Diego is the best company in San Diego. We have the best staff, equipment and qualifications around. We and friendly, fast, and efficient. Do you need a dimensional sign for your business? We can help. To schedule a consolation, call us at 760-730-5118.