If your company is not seen, it is not there. Being visible is a key to being profitable. Often this is easy and at time there are buildings or situations requiring a little more. If you have a location for a sign that is not “easy” give us a call. Here are a few examples:

Channel Letters -
Channel Letters are illuminated sign

Height: Doing a monument sign on the ground is one thing, Doing the same sign at 35 feet – a totally different thing. We do the difficult installs, the ones way up there
Wiring:Plug and play is easy, but what happens when the electric is 4 to 14 inches way through a concrete wall? We do that!. We have a dozen ways.
Custom Signage. It is one thing to print a “for Sale” sign, another to craft a sign that will last for years. When the location is difficult, you want to go up there once and have it work, the first time, every time and all the time.

High rise signs tale special techniques
High rise signs tale special techniques

Got a “Situation”? Have a need for a custom sign? A unique location? Or maybe it is just difficult, out of the way or requires an expert. Signs for San Diego ”does that”

Signs for San Diego is the best company in San Diego. We have the best staff, equipment and qualifications around. We and friendly, fast, and efficient. Do you need a channel Letter sign for your business? We can help. To schedule a consolation, call us at 760-730-5118.

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