Push through monument face
Push through monument face

Monument signs are at nearly every shopping mall entrance. Drivers view these every day, every commute, and stare at the sign when stopped for traffic lights. Replacing a monument sign face increases traffic into your business. Get a booth of traffic by replacing your old faces with new faces. Monument signs faces are advertising, and a “way finding” tool. That is these signs direct new and old customers to your business. Monument signs are great advertising tools, but make sure you are sending the right message. Old, faded, dirty sign faces communicate your business is old, faded and dirty. A new sign face communicates a sharp and fresh image 

There are several types of faces. This one is a “Push-Thru Face”

Push-Thru Faces are where a sheet of metal (Normally Aluminum) has a routed cut out in the shape of the letters and logo. Then acrylic is cut in a “Shelf cut” or a “Top hat” where the letters poke through the metal face. Often the surface is blocked out with vinyl so the light comes out the sides. The illumination makes the sign look elegant.

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