Blog: Things I like about Memorial Day 2021

Military graves marked by tomestones

Things I like about Memorial Day Memorial Day is more than fishing, hot dogs, time with the kids, and sleeping late. It is actually a holiday with a meaning. The Civil War killed more people than any other American War. More than WWII, more than all other wars combined. Memorial Day was to honor the […]

Blog: Advice for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. I have no advice as to what to get, but here are few thoughts from others God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.   The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.   Mothers hold their children’s hands for […]

Blog: April 15th Who is responsible for this tax mess anyway?

Taxer and Chief Abe Lincoln

On August 5th the president of the United States signed into law new taxes. These fund an unjust war debt and you should be upset about it!  In this Revenue Act a US Federal Income Tax of 3% on everything you earn over the first $800 of income is imposed. It is true, it is […]

Blog: It is President’s day! 2021

Presidents Day for our 2 most respected presidents

It is President’s day! President’s day starts with Washington’s Birthday. While Washington was born on February 11. Now President’s day is now on the third Monday of February President’s Day honors and celebrates the life and achievements of George Washington The day is now used to honor and remember all past US presidents. The favorites […]

Blog: Call to local business people 2018

This was our first year party

Call to local business people Signs for San Diego is having a little get together to celebrate our 5th year, to do a ribbon cutting and a mixer for local business people. If you are a like minded business person, we would like you to joint us: Celebrate 5 Years of Business with Signs for […]

Blog: Signs for San Diego Receives Small Business Certification

small business certification

Signs for San Diego Receives Small Business Certification The California Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services (OSDS) has granted Signs for San Diego, California small business certification. The small business designation greatly simplifies the procurement process for California state agencies who may use the streamlined process known as the SB/DVBE Option […]

Blog: 5th anniversary party at Signs for San Diego

5th anniversary party at Signs for San Diego

5th anniversary party at Signs for San Diego We had an open how last Friday, There was a great turn out! Thank you all for coming to Signs for San Diego to celebrate or new location and 5th anniversary – We had a great crowd, a lot of new connections were made – A number […]

Blog: Does your Sign Company actually make Signs? Channel Letters

Fabracated letters being assemblied after welding and paint

Does your Sign Company actually make Signs? Channel Letters So you need a sign for your business. But where do you turn? When you need a sign, you are faced with a ton of Sign Shops. Too large and you will not get the attention needed to make something special and too small, you are […]

Blog: What the Font?

Understand how to pick the right Font for your business

What is a Font? A font is a graphical depiction of a set of characters. It is the style, shape and pattern for a set of characters. The image shows examples of different fonts. What’s the best font to use on a sign? There are a number of reasons to pick or not pick a certain font. […]