Odd News: Fire Destroys Monument Sign. Signs for San Diego Builds a new one

Things that COULD happen, but just don’t….or do they? Here is a monument sign totally destroyed by fire.  This is difficult to explain. The inside of a monument sign is Aluminum, Acrylic, LEDs and a power supply. Aluminum does not burn and acrylic melts at about 250o F but does not burn until 1040 o F. That is pretty hot! A bad power supply or wiring problem COULD cause a fire, but there are hundreds of thousands of these all over the country and failures don’t commonly cause fires. There is not much in a monument sign to burn. But…it happened.

Monument Sign, Shopping Mall Sign,

Monument Sign Fire results in a huge destructive mess

The first step was to clean up. Signs for San Diego stripped the old sign away and left the pole. (Steel poles melt at about 2500-2800o F. This pole was fine, the fire was not THAT hot. The pole was good and embedded in a large concrete footer, it was the only piece we could reuse.

Signs for San Diego built a new monument, from the ground up, in 3 pieces. It is 20 feet tall, moving it to the installation site meant we had to clear the bridges, so “Some assembly required” on site. We took tubular aluminum pipes and sheet metal and built it in Oceanside.

We arrived back on site ready to install and…the steel pole was gone!! Poles don’t just go missing. Czech and Slovaks, maybe but steel poles?? Somebody cut the pole down.  This 400-pound pole embedded 8 feet down in concrete was cut off at ground level and…. just disappeared into the night without a trace. Actually, poles never just disappear, but… this one did, this actually happened.

Monument sign install

Monument sign install with crane

We fabricated a new pole, stronger than the original and installed a steel base section, welding everything in place – It would be a lot harder to take this new pole.

Shown here is the new monument in place.  The construction was done in Oceanside by our expert and skilled crew. The installation was done by the “two amigos” Chris T and Jay D shown here. Thank you guy – Great job

monument sign install crew

monument sign install crew

Is your sign possessed by evil spirits? Did somebody steal your pole? Signs for San Diego took a burnt-up mess and preformed a sign exorcism ceremony including a redesigned for manufacture, make and installation. We can do the same thing for you!  Give us a call.


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