Media company TEGNA gets a massive mural

Product: 3 story mural in high-rise

Location: Tysons Corner, VA

Industry: Media broadcasting company

Signage Solution: Create a 27 foot high mural on the 18


WASHINGTON — Broadcasting and digital media owner TEGNA Inc. is the first tenant to move into the new Boro Tower office high rise in Tysons Corner. TEGNA’s new home is 46,000 square feet on the tower’s top two floors, plus a private rooftop lounge.

Illuminated Mural

The company’s new headquarters space includes a 25- foot LED display wall on the 20th floor, a three-story interior staircase going from the 19th floor to the rooftop lounge, and TEGNA’s Penthouse lounge with its own private market with fresh food and drinks. “We are proud to be in our new home at The Boro. Our space is truly beautiful, and our team is already enjoying their custom workspace with 360-degree views of Tysons, D.C. and the Shenandoah Mountains,” said Dave Lounge, president and CEO.

Signs for San Diego worked with developers and the artist to this projects from idea to reality. This mural was not a sign that could be made in a shop and lifted into place; it must be assembled in-place. Signs for San Diego built this sign using the wall.

Constructing the frame and lighting for the mural
Constructing the frame and lighting for the mural

Signs for San Diego framed the area with a set of custom extruded aluminum frame. The wall was painted to reflect light. Behind the scenes, Signs for San Diego used about 1000 LEDs in 30 rows, all powered with a series of power supplies. Each row was on a base with each row offset from the previous. That’s a lot of LEDs!


The face of the mural was a special translucent material called a flex face. The print on the flex face was shipped in a roll which was anchored at the top and rolled down. Using this method, Signs for San Diego allows YOU to put whatever you want on the face.


Signs for San Diego then carefully anchored and stretched the face over the frame to create a flat, tight face to showcase the message. The project required a lot of planning, careful selection of materials and a lot of work, but the end result was a spectacular realization of TEGNA’s project.


This mural was electric LED lit, but most are not. It is indoors, yet visible from the highway through windows spanning for three stories.


Do you have a space in need of a local artwork? Do you have a place that needs an upscale face-lift? Using a mural is a great way to do this. Call Signs for San Diego and let’s start!!


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