Latitude 33 Aviation targets planes, not cars

Product: Two sets of channel letters

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Industry: Aviation & Transportation Services

Signage Solution: Design, build, and install a set of channel letters for their front entrance, along with a second massive set over their hangar.

Latitude 33 is the company that runs private charter flights and services in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Experience the finest in air travel with Latitude 33 Aviation, Southern California’s premier company for private jet charter, aircraft management, and aircraft sales. Savor how luxury meets lifestyle, whether you’re booking a private charter flight or acquiring a private jet. To provide a higher level of service to clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, and multiple other locations, Latitude 33 specializes in: Private Jet Charter Services. Extensive Aircraft Management Services Jet Acquisition and Brokerage Services

Signs for San Diego was happy to provide two sets of channel letters: an industry standard sign on the front of their offices, and another set designed to be seen from the air and taxi ways. It is a promotional tool to be sure, but it is also a “wayfinder” for visiting pilots to find the Latitude 33 services they need.

This channel letter set can be seen from but not from any roadthe air,

This channel letter set can be seen from but not from any road

Starting with a site visit, Signs for San Diego develops a concept with a difference. Aircraft hangars are not your average strip mall retail outlet. This sign is gigantic – designed to be seen from longer distances and the air. The building construction, available electric supply, access into controlled areas, and difficulty reaching and reinforcing the sign area are all special considerations that come into play.

Channel Letter Set at the front door parking lot

Channel Letter Set at the front door parking lot

The sign itself is aluminum and polycarbonate (Lexan). Polycarbonate is used as a bulletproof “glass”. It is also used in high wind areas such as high-rise buildings. If damage does occur, the debris can do great harm, in this case, to planes and people.


Deciding on which specific size to use greatly depends on the situation. Most sign ordinances are sized for the distances of the surrounding roadways. Because planes require a lot more space and are looking for navigational aids miles away, these letters are designed for a totally different dynamic.


The best visibility is at night and in low light levels. This is where the wayfinding aspect is so important. Finding the destination quickly and clearly helps clear traffic off of the active taxi ways and runways faster. This is the main street entrance. It is interesting to note, the California airports are under the direct control of the counties and not the cities they are located in. This property is controlled by the airport authority.