Summit Point Kidz Corner Needed Signs

Summit Point Kidz Corner  needed signs.  Do you need a sign company that builds custom signage for your school? We build campus signage such as site maps, wall signs, classroom signs, handicap signs, and every sign needed for schools, colleges, hightails, Universities, church schools and daycare centers

Do you need an affordable, high impact sign to direct and inform? Signs for San Diego offers a wide variety of sign products and signage services that get your messages noticed. One of these are wall signs that help people find their way, creates a specialized meeting place and a photo opportunity. Signs for San Diego has the industry know-how and resources of a nationwide sign company, state of the art technology, and dependable customer service. This example is at Summit Point Church, Kidz Cove an example of San Diego CA Signs

The Blade Sign for Kidz Cove marks the 4th-5th grade classroom

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters at Kids Cove. Signs for San Diego used a CNC router to make custom signs for any purpose, address numbers, classroom ID Signs, maps and much more. Do you have a place to mark with a sign? This can be a place where you want all the kids to gather before classes or lunch. Or a photo opportunity for a student and their parents. Take the Kids Cove photo and make an announcement, a photo of the student achievements or the “graduation” or promotion. Here is another example

Blade Sign

Signs for San Diego makes these from several materials.  We use wood, MDO, PVC, and acrylic signs. This is a digital print on “ACM”. ACM is Aluminum Composite Materials and comes from various companies. We use the HP 365 Latex Printer; this is the best and newest HP printer available. Latex has better and brighter colors, it is more durable and superior coating. All of this is coated with a last coat of laminate. Like laminate floors, this is m a durable coating with a UV protection. These materials combine to create a great sign

Summit Church Kidz Cove custom signage , Campus Map

The Blade Sign for Kidz Cove marks the 4th-5th grade classroom, this is an acrylic sign in an Aluminum bracket and can be used to mark any classroom or office. We install these in several ways. This one is bonded to the wall. Others are pinned or fasteners are used.


Summit Kids Team

Signs for San Diego is the best company in San Diego. We have the best staff, equipment, and qualifications around. We and friendly, fast, and efficient. Do you need a sign for your business? We can help. To schedule a consolation, call us at 760-730-5118.