Sign Repair and Maintenance

Signs for San Diego does business sign repair, when it comes to commercial sign repair and electric sign repair there are odd things. Past repairs may be wrong, animals and insects may be calling the sign their home, damage may have a story, it can be odd news day, every day


Sign Repair

It does not light up. These are normally burnt-out neon or bulbs, bad power supplies or transformers or corrosion. We can visit and peek to see what the problem is.

Monument Sign, Shopping Mall Sign,

It is physically damaged. Somebody threw a brick at it, the plastic is brittle and cracked, the wind blows it down. We can savage your broken piece or make a new one.  Maybe

Looking for Business Sign Repair?

Signs for San Diego in a licensed Sign Contractor. That means we know signs. Unlike your average handyman, we do it right, stand behind our work and you will not be revisiting the same issue over and over. We also have the right tools to do the job, a bucket truck, a crane, a tester, stock of the right wire, lamps, ballast and a hundred other little items. Sure, your handyman cost less per hour, but this is a specialize area. Owners almost always save money in the long run by having the maintenance done by professionals.

commercial sign repair here is a great reason to replace a sign cabinet face

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Need a different kind of service? We can help with Aerial Installs, Ground installs, Shopping Center Installs, Electrical Maintenance like this, a new sign for you or a retrofit for an older sign.

Have a sick sign? Outdoor signage is a vital part of your business. Call us and fix it right. We look forward to hearing from you.  Got a broken sign?  Give us a call. 760-730-5118