Monument Sign has Cancer?

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Rust in a Monument Sign is like cancer?  Curing rust problems is a challenge. Why is steel used?  It is stronger and cheaper, but Aluminum is the norm today. This sign is a 20-year-old sign, made from steel and rusting badly. The top two cabinets are toast.  Signs for San Diego remade the upper 2 […]

Monument Sign Possessed By Evil Spirits?

Monument sign install

Odd News: Fire Destroys Monument Sign. Signs for San Diego Builds a new one Things that COULD happen, but just don’t….or do they? Here is a monument sign totally destroyed by fire.  This is difficult to explain. The inside of a monument sign is Aluminum, Acrylic, LEDs and a power supply. Aluminum does not burn […]

Ever wonder where monument signs come from?

finished monument awaiting crating and shipping

Ever wonder where monument signs come from?  Signs for San Diego does local and national monuments for other sign companies and direct. Here is a great example. This sign is for a sign company near San Francisco. They sold the sign and we made it. In this case the customer wanted a wood base and […]

Curved Monument Sign Panels add Gravitas to an Impressive Monument

Finished Monument face awaiting install

Where do sign companies go when they need custom monument panels?  Signs for San Diego is among a few companies that makes Custom Monument Signs and panels. We have one of the best manufacturing abilities in the region. Small enough to be responsive and big enough to do the complex and involved.  We start with […]

5 Reasons You MUST have Your Name on that Business Park Monument Sign

shopping Mall Monument

5 Reasons You MUST have Your Name on that Business Park Monument Sign MAKE YOUR PHONE RING! Whether you need a channel letter set, a monument signs, ADA signs, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, or any other type of commercial building signage, we can help! Signs for San Diego is the best sign company for building […]

Blog: 4 Different Kinds of Signs that will Improve Your Company

Monument for a strip Mall in Vista

4 Different Kinds of Signs that will Improve Your Company A company is remembered visually by your clients and possible new clients. Signage can help with this by giving your company visibility and exposure to the world. Here are five kinds of signs that can give your company more exposure, visibility and will help with […]

Blog: Have you ever heard of Watchfire?

Monument with EMC

Watchfire is the leading manufacturer of Electronic Message Centers (EMC). They work with sign companies all over the world to provide high quality and high resolution displays for every one. We are proud to announce we will now be carrying their displays at Signs For San Diego! Have you been looking for the perfect way to […]

Blog: Arroyo Business Center

a striking monument sign with bold lettering and colors

Product: Rebranding the business park Location: Carlsbad, CA Industry: Commercial Real Estate Signage Solution: Design, make and install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels. Arroyo Business Center is a multi-tenant industrial complex located in the heart of Carlsbad, just south of Palomar Airport. Its appearance was aging, but after a major remodeling, it […]