High Rise Installation Is Way Way Up There

High Rise signage for business with Swing Stage

Companies that need high rise signs tend to be iconic. They overlook highways and are landmarks.  They also tend to be huge and long lasting.     When you need that are way way up there, special skills and tools are required.  Each  is unique. Each requires a complete survey and a site plan. Signs […]

Signs for San Diego does a lot outside San Diego – Channel letters

illuminated channel letters on a back panel or pan ready for crating

Ever wonder where channel letters come from?  Signs for San Diego does national chains and wholesale to the trade.  Here is a great example. This sign is for a sign company near San Francisco. They sold the sign and we made it.   Channel letters are the illuminated signs you see in every strip mall.  […]

Gracie Barra Channel Letter Set

Channel letters for Gracie Barra

Gracie Barra is a martial arts school from Brazil, specifically a Jiu-Jitsu school.  The name is interesting.  Founded in Brazil by Carlos Gracie, he taught in many places. Carlo’s school was in Copacabana for about four years, then moved to a place called Barra da Tijuca.  The name of the school is Gracie Barra, a […]

Blog: Steps to getting a sign on your building

Cabo Kantina illuminated sign

Having space on a building that could be drawing in customers and not using it is a waste. These are a number of ways. Exterior building signs may be the most effect advertising you can buy. Every business needs to be known to their customers. How to do that depends on a number of factors. […]

Blog: 4 Different Kinds of Signs that will Improve Your Company

Monument for a strip Mall in Vista

4 Different Kinds of Signs that will Improve Your Company A company is remembered visually by your clients and possible new clients. Signage can help with this by giving your company visibility and exposure to the world. Here are five kinds of signs that can give your company more exposure, visibility and will help with […]

Blog: BAPS! Channel Letter Sign

Web Channel Letter Baps Restaurant upclose C

BAPS! Channel Letter Sign BAPS! started as an idea, many years ago, between two best friends with a passion for food. The two men, Brad Solley and Brad Pelletier, were so in sync that they could complete each other’s sentences. Their mindset of food is the same: quality, flavor, freshness. After years of discussing it, […]

Blog: Monument signs as Way Finders

Wayfinder, a mini monument directional

Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases they are advertising tools, but they also have another role. Monument signs help your customers find their way. This controls the flow of traffic and is often an overlooked role of the Monument Sign. In this case, Turbo Car Wash in Encinitas, there is […]

Blog: Channel Letters for a Business on the move

Channel Letters Evan Tire Shop

What happens when a company moves 1⁄4 mile away? It can mean a huge loss of customers. Evans Tire made such a move. The new place is a better location, closer to El Camino Real, more visible and bigger. But customers remember the old location. They buy tires on a multiyear bases. The old location […]

Blog: Have a sign installation in San Diego?

Illuminated Sign for Suja

Many sign companies outside the area have needs to install signs but don’t have the time or the resources to complete the job. Looking for a subcontractor is the answer, but can a company in New York find a San Diego installer? It is not easy to find the correct firm to entrust your hard […]