Product: Rebranding the business park

Location:  12901 – 13177 Ramona Blvd, Irwindale, CA 91706 

Industry: Commercial Real estate

Signage Solution: Design, Make and Install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels.

Ramona Exchange Irwindale is a large business park. It is directly east of Los Angeles. It is connected to three highways: the 605, 10 & 60. This means this industrial or business park has direct and easy access to downtown LA, the Inland Empire, the north and the south. It is idea for servicing a wide area with a dense population. The unit or suite sizes are from 880 – 5,000 square feet and have hotels, restaurants and other retail amenities very close by. In many ways, this is the ideal location for many businesses.  The lease rates reflect this. By remodeling this business park, these rates go up, the vacancy rates go down and the property (already extremely valuable) increases. The remodel consists of the following:  landscaping, Painting and signage.  Signs for San Diego did the signage.  The signage is bold, it attracts attention and it enhances the value of the property.  We worked on Monument signs, Tenant Panels and Address numbers; the docks were also repainted.  

Installing a monument sign

Monument signs. There is a main entrance and a minor entrance. This means 2 monument signs. These signs face Ramona Blvd, a well traveled road with heavy traffic. It is the ideal place to get noticed.  The construction starts with 4X4 Aluminum tube stock. We cut the lengths with mitered 45 degree corners. These are welded together using an Aluminum MiG welder and a spole gun. As the frame takes shape it can support a top blade. The blade is a ½” Aluminum plate welded directly to the frame. The center has a mounting structure called a saddle at the base and the top. This is the mount for a steel pole. The pole is set in the foundation or footer at a 90 degree angle. It runs deep into the ground and is the anchors and structural jointing to the grounds. The monument walls are skinned with thick Aluminum sides. The faces are cut out with a water jet. These are welded in place and routed smooth. Any imperfections are fixed and a primer and finish coat of paint is applied. This forms a very strong and stable structure. The paint is frame Matthews Paint System, and is the premier sign finishing system in the industry. Specifically formulated for signs, the paint has a range of abilities to fit the situation. It will give many years of service. The letters are mounted from behind and stick through the face. These faces have shaped openings just slightly larger than the acrylic that pushes through. The Acrylic is shaped on a CNC router and is “shelf cut” in the shape of a top hat. It can not be pulled out. The colors are matched and the result is a finished product. The size, construction, colors and placement are designed to be bold and striking. They are and they mark the business park in a gorgeous landmark to make this business park stand out for the competion and the other retail businesses on the same street. 

Installation The monument sign is large and heavy. It is transported by crane truck and the same crane lifts it off the truck and threads the steel pipe through the saddles on to the pad.


Tenant Panels The monument is easily the center of attention, and the tenant panels are not that numerous. The tenants occupied larger amounts of floor space and the building does not have the normal above door space for tenant panels. The solution was to turn the panels 90 degrees and make vertical tenant panels. In addition, these are multiple layers given them a high end look and feel. It is a great example of taking a problem and making it into a featured advantage. 


Address Numbers This customer wanted bold and colorful numbers. This application used a large Aluminum plate and the numbers are cutouts with the color of the building showing through. It creates a great and unique look. It is also an installation challenge because these are heavy and must match the concrete relief lines in the buildings. 


Do you have a business park that needs a facelift?

Signs for San Diego took a concept, redesigned for manufacture, make and installed all the signs. Do you have a project like this?  Give us a call.


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