BAPS! Channel Letter Sign

BAPS! started as an idea, many years ago, between two best friends with a passion for food. The two men, Brad Solley and Brad Pelletier, were so in sync that they could complete each other’s sentences. Their mindset of food is the same: quality, flavor, freshness. After years of discussing it, their timelines fell in sync, and BAPS! was born.

Why the name “BAPS!”?

Channel Letters
Channel Letter Baps Restaurant

That’s a two-part answer. The first part is easy. Both Brads have the same first and middle name, spelled the same way. Appending their last names created the final business name: Brad Allen Pelletier Solley.

Channel letter
Bold faces and impactful look

Signs for San Diego designed, fabricated, and installed their signs. Knowing the two men personally who founded the restaurant helps to examine our process for this project.

The building sign is a channel letter set. The founders’ vision for the restaurant is captured in the sign and follows through the front door, and throughout the restaurant. Signs for San Diego started the design on paper. From there, it was re-engineered for manufacturing with a full set of construction drawings. These were turned into a permit package and submitted to the city for approval. Once the permits were issued, the drawings were released to our production floor.

Channel Letter LEDS
Shows the LED lighting inside

Production began with raw sheet aluminum, which we took mill-finished sheet stock and used a CNC router to shape each letter twice: once for the back of the letter and once for the front. A specialized machine called an AccuBend© channel letter bender shapes the sides of each letter. Letters are then assembled, painted, wired with LEDs, and formed into the finished sign.

We took raw material and transformed it into the vision of BAPS. It was a strong business tool that represented the realization of the Brads’ dream.

Visit BAPS at:
2680 S. Escondido Blvd.
Escondido, CA 92025
Call (732) 822-0479, or visit their website at

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