Think about going into the lobby of a business. Do you need to wait? What goes through your mind? Do you feel the pressure of time, are you looking for an interaction, but somehow it is lacking? As the minutes pass, moods change, you may get a little anxious. Do you notice others are served before you? Is answering a phone more important than you? Do you think about running late for other things? Do you worry that you’ve been forgotten? The experience of waiting negatively alters opinions. If it becomes too long people don’t buy, they don’t visit again, they are primed with a negativity.

Lobby Sign Dennis Group Brushed Aluminum
Lobby Sign Dennis Group Brushed Aluminum

Clearly, the psychology of waiting effects businesses. Waiting anxieties alter the mindset of the next interaction and can change the impression of the business in the future. Lobby Signs, like this one for the Dennis Group address the psychology of waiting. People are extremely respectable to suggestion during this short period.

Displaying a Lobby Sign sets the mood. The Dennis Group is a top growth company. When their customers want an engineering partner, a firm that reliably delivers solutions for the food and beverage industry. They want to communicate that unwavering focus on delivering exceptional value. This lobby sign is one way they do exactly that. It is playing into this psychology. Use this period to best advantage, play the psychology correctly. The best lobby signs are designed, built and installed by Signs for San Diego. We understand the sign is a symbol of your company and the years of work to build it. Don’t let your customers misunderstand the value you bring them by failing to impress in this critical period.

Call us and we can help you create the impression you really want.

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